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What We Do?

Our areas of focus:

At UPC We strive to bridge the gap between research and practice in urban development planning and management. We aim at providing research-based and innovative solutions to urban development and community challenges.
In order to achieve that, our work currently focuses on the following core areas or programmes:

National Urban Policies Analytics


It is widely acknowledged that urban policies and laws are vital machinery for governing, planning, managing and financing our urban areas and making them liveable. For that reason, they are expected to be practical, responsive and scalable while protecting the right of all citizens to live and work in a city. They must be used as tools to improve the quality of life, livelihoods, governance and social fabric in our urban areas. UPC will conduct applied research on any relevant policy area that affect every day urban life and advocate for efficient urban systems and governance and liveability of urban space.

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Liveable Cities


Urban growth unfolds rapidly in an unplanned and uncontrolled manner in many parts of the country, this is directly associated with increased urban health problems, unmet demands for urban infrastructure and services, and the expansion of informal settlements. 

Tanzania, as other Low-income countries, in particular, are facing important challenges as a result of the growth of cities. Studies show that the way cities are built impacts people’s: risk of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), risk of injury, exposure to air pollution, vulnerability to the effects of climate change, ability to be gainfully employed, ability to interact and build relationships with neighbours. As Tanzania tackle these major urban problems, it is important to ensure that cities are liveable.

A liveable city is well designed and compact. It allows people to walk to school and work, to stores, parks and restaurants. It permits them to take transit to places outside of their neighbourhoods, and provides them with access to sanitation, water, clean air, safe affordable housing and healthy foods. 
A livable city also ensures that everyone has access to parks and public spaces. It is a place where the most vulnerable, including women, children, the poor and people with disabilities are able to meet their day-to-day needs and enjoy community life.

The goal of the programme in Tanzania is to improve the liveability of cities by ensuring access for the most vulnerable to healthy transportation, healthy foods, parks and public spaces and livelihood opportunities. 

Through this Programme, UPC will also design innovative projects based on research and best practices to help in sustaining the livelihoods of poor urban dwellers and promote community initiatives. 

Moreover, it is indicated that the world is facing multiple health challenges. These are, among others, growing rates of obesity and physical inactivity. Our organisation, UPC, will conduct research and design evidence-based interventions / actions in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders and partners to contribute to the efforts of reducing physical inactivity among urban population.

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Advocacy & Lobbying


This Programme is set to design activities or events for influence, persuasion and encouragement to gain support with regards to a particular urban policy/ law or intervention. This will be done on the principles of participatory approaches to governance. Activities will include: awareness campaigns, information workshops, engaging the media through editorial pieces, or submitting brief position papers, and making oral presentations to a target group

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Consultancy & Technical Support

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UPC provides consultancy and technical support in areas of urban and rural development, community development, capacity building and training, facilitation, and research management. Specifically, We offer consultancy and technical support in areas of:

- Project Planning and Management,

- Proposal Development,

- Community Engagement,

- Project Monitoring and Evaluation,

- Fieldwork Management,

- Transport Research

- Road Safety,

- Data Analysis and Dissemination, 

- Report Writing

- Strategic Spatial Planning,

- Site Planning,

- Livelihoods and Poverty Alleviation,

- Urban Policy Analysis

- Urban Governance

- Land Use Planning,

- Upgrading of Informal Settlements,

- Slum Prevention

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Areas of Focus: Programs
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